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BA healthcare interview questions

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  • introduce yourself and what was your role and experience ?
  • tell me about Facet and where you used facet.
  • what are the pre-set status in JIRA and explain about JIRA.
  • How do you open ticket or create issue in JIRA. who use JIRA?
  • what is a shared cost?
  • tell me about EDI format how it looks and how you can use it
  • examples of EDI
  • what is sprint and time period of sprint in agile
  • tell me about agile methodology and your experience working with it how it works.
  • tell me about HMO PPO Medicare Medicaid, MMIS
  • what is COB
  • step for insurance starting from visiting to a doc and how it process?
  • can you write SQL queries?
  • Advantages of using agile methodology
  • What is HIPAA breach
  • tell me about hl7 why it is called hl number 7
  • HL7 segments
  • FHIR and its resources
  • what is MRN
  • Data mapping
  • challenges you have faced during data mapping or gathering
  • Azure experience
  • what cloud you have used for data mapping
  • steps for data mapping
  • ETL
  • what SQL database you have worked on
  • how do you work with payer and provider company what was your role
  • what is UAT and how often you performed it
  • what is BRD and FRD
  • what all included in FRD and data mapping
  • Data warehousing