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  • SQL- Write query to 1. remove Duplicate data 2. return first name only 3. organize rows with multiple same names.
  • As per your prior experience, how much percentage of time do you spend in gathering requirement during the initiation phase.
  • Requirement Gathering- give examples of duplicate requirement, conflicting requirement, invalid requirement, Retro requirement
  • How did you utilize HLDD and LLDD in your previous work
  • What do you understand by Benefit Administration .
  • How have you used APIs in your previous work
  • What are the advantages and some disadvantages of API.
  • How does a claim 834 look like - how many segments , elements , etc does it have .
  • How does a claim 835 / 837 look like- how many segments , elements , etc does it have .
  • How would you write your requirements for BRD taking example of your last project?
  • Have you worked on FTP/ MFT before and in what capacity
  • What do you understand by Product implementation project
  • IF the client comes to you with a change request how would you handle it.
  • In what capacity have you worked in SQL , data warehousing.
  • What do you understand by different Schemas in SQL
  • Explain ACA
  • difference between BRD / FRD
  • for 837I and 837P what are the key difference you notice in the claim fields.
  • tell me your experience with FACETS.
  • Do you have experience working on Member enrollment transactions? in what capacity?
  • How do you familiarize yourself with the new tools, applications, etc at a new project.
  • What is your experience in working with Medicare claims.
  • what do you understand by Medigap and Advantage plans.
  • what is your experience dealing with project changes.
  • what kind of IT tools have you used in the past.
  • As per your resume, I feel you are over qualified - where do you see your self in this healthcare field.
  • Do you have any experience with implementation projects?
  • Have you worked in Agile methodology?
  • When you send the insurance cards to the member , does that mean that the eligibility portion is complete?
  • your
  • what is the largest insurance provider have you worked for so far? in which of your project from your resume did you work for that insurance.
  • In your resume you mentioned about a project you worked for a XYZ company is a biochemistry firm which I am familier with . What type of BA work were you invloved in?
  • how to deal with change in the middle of the project.
  • What is your experience in Data mapping, modelling integration and visualization.
  • Explain any of your last projects that involved Payer claims.
  • How proficient are you in SQL.