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Q1.Tell me about yourself?

Q2.What is SAE reconcillation?

Q3.what will you do if you find disprency in SAE renconcillation?

Q3. what tools you use in SAE renconcillation?

Q4.How will you inform dispenracy to your safety and investigator team?

Q5.Give one example in detail of SAE rencillation which you done?

Q6.Do you have oversight experience?

Q7.What activities you perfom apart from SAE and CAPA HANDLING?

Q8.How do you perform CAPA handling?

Q9.Have you read the job description?

Q10.What kind of vendor activities do you perform?

Q11.What do you do in case processing?

Q12.Does your company has both in house and outsource caseprocessing ?

Q13.Do you have any questions for us?