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1. Do you have experience with submissions?

2. What are you looking for out of this position?

3. Can you explain to me what you know about our company?

4. Explain to me how you write a narrative.

5. What is SUSAR?

Kodapaka Hemanth
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Introduction Tell me about end to end case processing

How do you assess causality

What CAPA action did you do

What is day zero, is there a difference between day zero and IRD

How do you write a narrative and its key contents ,

what do you mean by chronological

Do you validate a clinical trial case

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Tell me about your previous experience?

How do you process a case, steps in case processing? 

How do you check Validity?

Do you find difficulty about validity in clinical trial cases?

How do you do Quality review?

Difference working  in  a small Vs big company?

Do you want to make any changes in the company?

How do you handle more work?

How do you write a narrative explain in detail?

What is AOSE? 

Why do you do Quality review meetings?

What is a SUSAR?

Timelines in SUSAR?

Difference between serious and non-serious cases?

How you take the feedbacks about your work regarding case processing and Quality review? how you respond?

What database did you use ?

How do you generate follow-up letters?

why you want to work in a small company after working in a large company?






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How many cases do you process every day?