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  1. What has been your experience in Agile
  2. How do you see yourself ft for this role
  3. Have you worked with integrations
  4. How do you manage requirements.
  5. It was more like a conversation, she shared a lot of information about the Project.
  6. Project details are as below: Processes and resourcing two agile scrum team Staffing and supporting – new initiatives Ecommerce – US, UK and Canada Davod team – store application used by stylist, I pads used for selling tools • Information, availability of the gowns, style color – data • Creating an APP – filled out by the stylis to Silhoutteo Coloro Theme for the weddingo Favorited the producto 6 months - team has been workingo External vendor – AWS , integration with DEvopso Web services, agile transformation o 2 week sprinto 6 developers – onsite, Canadao BSA – to replace and long term contract o PM o Scrum Master - internal o QA – team member – offsite, US• Operationalize the existing apps"

Kodapaka Hemanth
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  1. Day to day role and responsibilities?
  2. How you create user requirements/stories in agile?
  3. Scenario: explain situation where Dev team were unable to understand requirement based on user story details, what are the actions taken by you ?
  4. Have you used Jira , confluence before?
  5. How about automation using Selenium?
  6. What exactly you ll do when working with product manager?
  7. What if requirement implemented differently and need to change it?"