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1) how do you call stored procedure from SQL into PBI?

2) I have 2 tables in Excel , how can i bring them within pbi desktop when both of them are parameter with a drop down list?

3) Can I place 2 of these tables as parameters on the same canvas, at the same time?

4) Once bring in these tables now i have created visual can i export these visuals from a report to MS EXCEL?

5) Will there be any authentication needed if i need to export the reports visuals to EXCEL?

6) Have you embed multiples report on the hosted web services?

7) I have 2 tables in SQL both with a common column, i want to combine those 2 tables and wherever there are null values return i want to display the message as "no matching record found", tell me the syntax for this Query in SQL?

8) How can i switch while working on reports in one environment to other environments within pbi, such as from dev environment to test environment and from test to production environment?

9) How do Fuzzy Match work and what is the purpose of Fuzzy match in pbi Desktop?

10) If you created a report and there is certain data that you can view, but the same data from the report i cant view, Why is that?

11) How will you authenticate the published Report visibility to an AD(Advanced Directory) group?

12) Tell me about your current Role?

13) I have placed 2 column lets say region and Amount on a grid , i want to highlight the column Value in Yellow color when it is greater than 200, how can i achieve it?

14) How can i export those highlighted column to Excel?

15) Tell me about KPI and Dashboards

16) What is the difference between CTE and VIEW table in SQL?

17) There are 2 tables in SQL . one has 5 rows the other has 2 , if I perform a full outer Join what will happen?