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Did you perform any additional tasks in your last job?

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To know if you are good with multiple tasks or are just someone who kills time. 


BIG TRAP HERE: there is not much work to do for a security guard when he is on duty. The candidates that make themselves useful in multiple other ways are the ones that get hired the quickest. Those who don’t have previous experiences with other small tasks find it hard to get that job. 

Possible Answers


Answer 1: No. I am just a security guard and I never did anything apart from standing as a security guard. 


Answer 2: I was a carpenter back in my hometown. In my last job, apart from security service, I also helped fix office chairs and other office furniture. 


Answer 3: Sir, in addition to my security job, I was also responsible for maintaining the attendance register and making sure the employees of the company always punched their biometric while getting in and out. 


Answer 4: While my primary job was for security, I made myself available for any other task that was available. One day, the office boy was on leave and I made tea for everyone. 


Note: Answer 1 is the worst answer to give. It puts you last in the line. All other answers (Answer 2 - 4) are good based on which one you can relate to. 


Never Say: It is not my job to do anything other than being a security person.