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How long was your last shift?

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To check your physical fitness and to assess your integrity. 

If the length of your previous shift is shorter than the job you are being interviewed for, you may be at a disadvantage. 

Possible Answers


Answer 1: My last shift was 8 hours long. I would leave as soon as my shift time was over.   


Answer 2: My last shift was 8 hours long. I always made sure I reached the office at least 15 minutes before my shift time. If the security guard in the next shift was late by a few minutes, I waited until he arrived. 


Answer 3: My shift was 8 hours long. However, most of the days, I would stay back another couple of hours if my supervisor requested. 


Note: Answer 1 is the worst. It shows that you are unfit for the job. Both Answer 2 and Answer 3 are good and can be used depending on which one relates more with your last job. 


Never Say: I am strict with my shift times and leave as soon as my shift is over.