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Why do you want to change your job?

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To understand from you if you are leaving your current organisation on a good note. The interviewer also wants to know if you are in sound health, both mentally and physically. 

To see if you badmouth your previous employer and say things that might hurt their reputation as a company. 

Possible Answers 


Answer 1: I was recently assigned duty at a place which was 30 kilometers away from my residence. I requested my supervisor to reassign my workplace within 15 kilometers of my residence. No such spot was available, so I decided to change my job. 


Answer 2: I was feeling unwell during the last month of my job. That is why I quit. 


Answer 3: There was a misunderstanding with my supervisor and my boss fired me from the job. 


Answer 4: I stayed at my village for longer than my approved period of leave. When I came back, I saw that my job was given to someone else. 


Note: Only Answer 1 is acceptable here. If you give any other answer, you may be disqualified. 


Never Say: I was fired or unwell or replaced or not suitable for the job.