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Kodapaka Hemanth
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1)How do you filter email?

2)If you have scan PDF files and regular PDF files in one folder. How can you separate them in two different folder?

3)How do you append data in Excel file without using Append Range activity

4)What are the different states in RE Framework?

5) How do you go from one state to another state in RE Framework?

6)How do you distributes queue items to different robots?

7)Can you distribute 1-10 queue items to robot A, 11-20 to robot B and so on..?

8)Two robots allocate for one process. Can you schedule second robot ?

9)Can you use wildcard selector in PDF automation?

Kodapaka Hemanth
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1) Tell me about your previous project

2) How many screen were you using in debit card fraud transaction process?

3)Which consulting company were you working for previous two project

4) If you are filling form on web and element are keep changing position what would you do?

5)What do you do if selector ID changed when you are scraping data?

6)What is state machine?

7) How do you perform PDF automation?

8)Have you used third party credential store?

9)How can you disable and enable logs?

10)How can I add data in queue item if we already send queue item.

11)Have you worked before on documentation?

12)What was your role previous project?

13)Have faced in challenge doing excel automation?

Kodapaka Hemanth
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  1. Give me an introduction about yourself,
  2. where you worked and what projects you worked on?
  3. Which location did you work in your current project?
  4. What other projects did you work on apart from Claims processing?
  5. Do you have experience working with SAP?
  6. Are you still working in your current project?
  7. What is your experience working with Orchestrator?
  8. How did you ensure unattended Bot was used for 24 hours?
  9. how was it scheduled? Where does all the claims reaches?
  10. Which internal application was used? More questions were asked about the internal application.
  11. What were the other workflows that you developed?
  12. How did you design this unattended bot to run all the workflows?
  13. How to ensure that bot is used for all 24 hours?
  14. How did you configure Orchestrator in your previous projects?
  15. What is your exposure to licensing? In your recent project, were you involved in installing, deciding on what licenses to buy and implement?
  16. Who is taking care of your projects now after you left? You said you have experience in Rest Api, which project did you use ?
  17. How do you manipulate data in excel? If there are 10000 records and when the workflow fails to access all 10000 records,
  18. how do you fix the excel file?Challenges faced?I dont know anything about OCR engines, can you explain about that?
  19. How do you update your knowledge in Uipath? Do you have any questions for me?Have you used streamer ?

Kodapaka Hemanth
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Joined: 12 months ago
Posts: 344
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1) Have you worked on SAP automation?

2) Do you have experience working on Mainframe automation?

3) How do you get 10 emails out of 20 emails(located in sub folder) with subject headline is "Your new account number" ?

4)What is the output of Get Outlook mail Messages?

5)If your Excel file has three sheets - sheet1, sheet2, sheet3 how do you get data from sheet 2?

6)Explain RE Framework in detail

7)If you have 100 transaction in excel file which you add it to queue. First 50 transaction worked normally and 51 transaction give system exception. How do you handle that fail transaction? Can you push it again to perform?

8)Do you know about jira and elastic search?

9) If your process can perform on three different VM and all have different credential. How do you manage?

10)If you want to schedule robot 2 days in second week of the month and three days in 4th week. How do you schedule?

11)Have you worked on computer vision activities?

12) Which version control were you using in your project?

13) How do you use git in studio?

14)Do you any other scripting languages?

15)How do write code in studio?