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  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Tell me about last project
  3. What was your contribution in this project?
  4. How do identify processes to automate?
  5. What is PDD and SDD?
  6. How do you calculate ROI and feasibility analysis?
  7. What are its parameters?
  8. Did you create any other documents?
  9. Explain one process that you automated?
  10. How many bots you created?
  11. How did you extract information from PDF?
  12. What are some PDF automation activities?
  13. What are challenges you faced in your projects?
  14. Have you worked on orchestrator?
  15. Explain queues and why it is used?
  16. If you given a choice, which role you would choose as a business analyst or developer?
  17. What versions on UiPath have you worked on?
  18. What is difference between these versions?
  19. Have you worked on citrix?
  20. What kind of bots have you developed?
  21. Difference between attended and unattended?
  22. Do you have experience working on BluePrism?
  23. If I give you a project on Blueprism, can you do it?
  24. How much time it will take you to learn Blueprism?
  25. Are you willing to relocate?